Setting up a G-mail account in Microsoft Mail

Have you got a shiny new Windows PC and an existing G-mail account?

Windows 10 PC plus Gmail icon

Of course, you can just continue visiting the Gmail site on the web and look at your mail the old fashioned way… or you can use Microsoft’s smart new e-mail program and add all your other e-mail accounts to it as well!

If you haven’t discovered it already, you click the Windows Start menu, (bottom left corner) and you should find Microsoft’s Mail program somewhere on there…

Windows Start menu with Mail highlighted

So how do you add an e-mail account?

You’ll need your password (and your mobile if you have 2 step verification set up – more on that in a mo).

Microsoft Mail looks like this in Windows 10 before you add an account…

Microsoft Mail screenshot with no accounts set up

So you click Accounts and then click Add account (on the right hand side)

Screenshot of adding account to Microsoft Mail

Then you choose the type of mail account you want to add, in this case a Google (or Gmail) account…

a screenshot of a Google account being selected in mail

Now it’s time to add in your e-mail address…

Adding your e-mail address to a Gmail setup

Then you put in your password and click Next

Adding the password to a Gmail setup

2-step verification is an extra layer of security that you can have on your Google account. Whenever you log in or specify your password on a new device, Google will text you a security number to a mobile phone (that you have already set up in advance). This is all just to check that it is actually you that is logging in. If you haven’t already set this up on your Google account, it is a good idea.

If you have set it up, type in the security code that Google have texted you…

typing into the 2 step verification field

Then just click Allow on the box that appears below…

Mail set up - screenshot

The account is now set up in Microsoft Mail…

screenshot of mail setup complete

Your mail account is now displayed in Microsoft Mail…

Gmail account in Microsoft Mail

Now this is set up, you can add other e-mail accounts that you may have so you only need to go to one place to get your mail. You also now get notifications on your PC when there’s a new mail come in…

e-mail notification in Windows Mail


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