The Art of Presenting

nervous guy hiding under the table

Nearly everyone gets nervous before a presentation…

The main way to combat these nerves is to PREPARE!

To be ready for the feeling you’re going to get when you see all those faces looking at you and you first say something.

This programme helps you to prepare properly.

It gives you the tools and techniques you are going to need to get ready so that your presentation will go smoothly and you’ll feel as good as possible.

It focuses on:

  • Analysing your audience – who are they and what are they expecting?
  • Structuring your presentation – a simple plan you can follow to construct the content
  • Sorting your visual aids – how to get them right and avoid “death by PowerPoint”
  • Checking the environment – get confidence from your surroundings
  • Practising delivery
Who is this programme aimed at?

Beginners to presenting or those seeking to improve their skills beyond the very basic level. This programme is especially useful for those who worry about standing up in front of others.

No. of Delegates

3 – 6 people.

How the programme works…

Positive Presenting 2 box outline

By delivering across 2-3 weeks, the delegates get time (around their day job) to prepare properly for their Day 2 presentation, simulating the real-world scenario of having a presentation to deliver.

Things to Know about this Programme
  • Day 2 presentations are videoed and mp4 files sent to the delegates after the programme
  • All course handouts supplied
  • Structured feedback is given on a 1-1 basis by the trainer in a private room away from the other delegates
  • While a delegate is presenting the group fill in their own structured feedback sheet and then discuss their findings while the presenter has left the room to be given 1-1 feedback by the trainer
  • The group feedback is presented by a different delegate in turn known as the “feedback captain” so that everyone gets the opinion of the trainer and the group
  • The main room for day 1 and day 2 needs to be arranged in a U-shape
  • Delegates can choose any visual aids for their presentation
  • Delegates can choose any subject they like for their presentation and are actively encouraged to make it something they are passionate about
  • The programme is best run at your premises but can be run at a neutral venue if you prefer
To book this programme

Just contact me here and I can discuss your requirements and agree dates and fees.