Dynamics 2015 CRM – Ei Group

Who Are They?

Ei Group plc are the largest pub company in the UK, owning some 4000 properties, (and now even bigger thanks to a recent takeover by The Stonegate Pub Company).

The Project (Jun 2019 – Nov 2019)

Property Universe” was a project to develop a property management database system using Microsoft Dynamics 2015 CRM.

The system had two main functions, Repairs and Maintenance or R&M, (reporting and fixing problems with pubs) and Service, Test & Compliance or ST&C, (ensuring pubs are in a satisfactory state and have the relevant certification).

As I was taking over from a previous consultant who had left, the main training needs left over were groups who still needed R&M (or a recap) and the whole ST&C production and rollout.


The reminder guides were already done by the previous trainer so I concentrated on producing a series of simulators to use in all the training sessions I needed to deliver.

Simulators were useful in this project as the system was “on-prem” only and so the UAT was not available away from the office. It was also quite slow and training examples were often inadvertently adjusted by other IT users carrying out testing.

Property Universe has a number of different user types, so I created a series of role icons to represent them:


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These role icons were added to each simulator and then used throughout to help users understand the audience involved.

Simulator Example: Using the House Portal

The House Portal is a view of the system that Publicans see. Here is one of the simulators I used for them. It was designed to be used as a training aid – the flashing boxes show the trainer what to talk about and the animation involved matches the real system so that it looks as close to the real thing as possible…

Demo Video Example: Filtering Orders from a Supplier

This shows how I made a simulator into a reminder video. This is a good example of a basic filtering skill in Dynamics CRM…


Please bear in mind that this is just a small extract of the work I did on this project. For a more detailed view of this work, contact me to see me full portfolio.