Here are a few examples of bespoke production from my past projects – my full portfolio is something I demonstrate in person during my first meeting with a potential client.

Scroll through and get a flavour of the content…

Dynamics 365 CRM/ERP Project – Cambridge Enterprise Ltd (2018 – 2019)

This project was about an organisation adapting to the massive change of bringing in a new CRM/ERP system. It involved integrating their business processes into Dynamics 365 in an attempt to get them to work consistently across the organisation.

Quick Reference Guide example – Creating a Contact

Adding a contact into Dynamics is a fundamental first step in using the system. This QRG was part of the basics element of the training…


Stockonnect System – ByBox Holdings (2017 – 2018)

This was a major project that involved creating 137 video demos, 155 QRGs and 38 simulators in 9 different languages over a period of 12 months.

Stockonnect is an innovative system that enables delivery drivers to use their phones (via the Stockonnect app) to open a secure locker outside of an organisation to make “just in time” deliveries. Engineers can then use their phones (via the same App) to pick up the delivered parts and carry out their work.

Example video demo – how a package is collected…

Example QRG – Collecting an Inventory Order

Collecting an Inventory Order

Excel 365 Training: London Electric Vehicle Company (2018)

This is more of a conventional training project for the company that bring you the London Taxi (and now the exciting electric version).

I was asked to assess the training need company-wide and produce a solution that would work for their time-poor work force. I ran a series of short half day sessions with bespoke agendas from the training needs analysis.

To support the training, I produced a series of short software simulation videos and some QRGs.

Example Software Simulation – Entering a Formula using COUNTBLANK


ATS Project – Orders of St John Care Trust (2016 – 17)

This was a project to create bespoke training materials for a major care home provider based in Oxford.

They had rolled out a recruitment system called Application Tracking System (ATS) previously but wanted more dynamic training materials. They also needed a TNA to find out which care home staff were struggling and then for me to deliver training to the most in need.

After carrying out the TNA, I built them a series of QRGs, some PowerPoint Simulators for training and a series of Captivate demos that staff could use via their SharePoint intranet.

Example QRG and System Overview Diagram

Example QRG for OSJCT page 1

Picture 1 of 3

An example of one of the QRGs for OSJCT. I adapted my format to fit in with their existing marketing style. This was one of 20 QRGs I produced as part of this project

The PowerPoint Simulators were used during the training for several reasons:

  • I couldn’t always rely on their internet connection to access the system
  • It gave a predictable example each time
  • I could walk through a good example during the training

Example ATS Simulator

An OSJCT PowerPoint Simulator example

Picture 1 of 2

Screenshots of the ATS system layered carefully on to one another so it could be played back as a slide show and look like the actual system

IT “Breakaway” Project – Eversheds LLP (2015-16)

This was a project to give highly mobile lawyers easy access to cloud-based services – away from the existing “on-prem” solutions.

It was essentially a research and sales project. I needed to design materials that would convince and inform. I used my PowerPoint simulator approach, since the system was not fully built and we embarked on a campaign of company-wide idea selling and a high-profile ideas workshop run at Microsoft HQ in London.

IT Breakaway Design Snippets (from the Simulator)

“Office of the Future” Project – Eversheds LLP (2014)

This was project to re-design part of the Eversheds London Office to use the latest office technology.

All kinds of new desks and IT equipment were purchased and the layout was re-designed to help collaboration and productivity. I created both training and promotional materials to “sell” the concept and aid understanding.

Building the Office – a time lapse video…

When the go-live date approached, staff needed simple guides to help them get started in the new office areas (which were on selected floors). In this first example, (produced using Adobe InDesign), they see a quick guide to the benefits of the “Office of the Future”.

Benefits Guide – “Office of the Future”

OOTF Benefits

In addition to promotional materials, I also needed to create simple guides to the office equipment. The next example is a view of the A3 blotter that was laminated and positioned on each of the new desks.

Desk-bound Blotter – A3 Laminate

OOTF Blotter- London

Office-of-the-Future Training Material Examples

There was a lot of new kit to learn about. A new room booking system (Evoko Room Manager), a bluetooth conference speaker (Evoko Minto) and a way of sharing a laptop screen to a SmartBoard (ClickShare) were all subjects my training materials. (Click the examples to enlarge)

IT Conferences Development Work – Eversheds LLP (2010-14)

The IT department I was working in ran a conference every year from 2010 that got steadily larger.

In just 5 years, it went from about 60 people in a local hotel to a major international event ran at the NIA. My job each year was to produce the presentation content for whatever theme we were going to adopt. There was a lot of graphical development work, PowerPoint presentations and videos to produce. I would normally work on it alongside my other projects for about 3 months.

2013 Conference – BEMO the Christmas Robot

I created this robot character using Adobe Photoshop so I could animate him during our end-of-year conference. He was a kind of virtual host for the event, scooting in and out of PowerPoint slides.

My current “Shomi” robot (a key character who features in my “The IT Knowledge” Blog) is a good example of how I sometimes recycle things that I don’t want to bin. You’ll notice he’s had a makeover and had a name change though!

Examples of my BEMO robot

…this is a video of the start of the conference where BEMO “comes alive” and welcomes everyone. 

“BEMO welcomes you” Video – Eversheds Conference 2013

2012 Conference – Fake TV Listing Magazine Agenda

The theme that year was TV – I made a fake TV station and themed the entire day around made-up television programmes. Here is the agenda I used – the picture was a moody shot of our CIO, Paul Caris…

TV Quickie cover and back page

Picture 1 of 2

2011 Conference – Making Miis

Our theme that year was Nintendo. It basically gave me a great excuse to use my son’s 3DS to produce a series of Mii characters of our Leadership Team…

A sequence of Mii characters

…and then some of famous people who had a starring role in various parts of the PowerPoint presentations.

A series of Mii characters of famous people

2010 Conference – “Little Things” Lego Video

I enjoy making Lego Stop Motion videos and they are a great way to illustrate a business topic. I created this video for an internal IT conference in 2010 and I designed it to show IT staff that “little things mean a lot” to customers.

Design Work – Logos

When I create training materials I like to have visuals that help people identify which training programme they are using.

Here are a few examples of some of those logos I have created…