Office 365 rollout – Ei Group

Modern Workplace logo and computer showing desktop

Who Are They?

Ei Group plc are the largest pub company in the UK, owning some 4000 properties, (and now even bigger thanks to a recent takeover by The Stonegate Pub Company).

The Project (Dec 2019 – Apr 2020)

In late 2019, they initiated a project to upgrade their IT infrastructure from Office 2013 and Windows 7 to Office 365 and Windows 10.

There were approximately 500 users with about half of them in a field role and thus needing laptops (to go with their existing iPhone and iPads). The remaining users were office-based and either desktop or laptop.


The user base were familiar with Office 2013 and Windows 7, so my focus was on the 4 new elements of the system (hence the reason why I designed the Modern Workplace logo, to emphasise these 4 things):

  • Windows 10 – I focused on the new features over and above Win 7
  • Office 365 – the concept of a subscription that brings new features (in their case every 6 months)
  • OneDrive – the biggest change for them, working in the cloud instead of shared server-based drives
  • Teams – initially I focused on the meetings aspect of this as their existing webinar solution was poor


I worked very closely with the Project Manager to ensure I was inviting the right groups each week as their machines were about to be built or upgraded.

My solution involved the following:

Modern Workplace Intro Session

For office-based staff, this was a 1 hour session in a meeting room focusing on the main changes detailed above. I used a sophisticated PowerPoint presentation to demo all the main concepts.

For field-based staff, I was able to use 2-3 hours of their regular team meetings to deliver their laptops and go through a more detailed version of the “Intro” session. With IT dept support, we were able to ensure their laptops and accounts were configured correctly for cloud-based working.

The video below is an extract showing how I explained OneDrive works…

Modern Workplace Training Site

The user base was very familiar with using a SharePoint intranet, but to make things stand out, I was able to use a SharePoint Communications Site to deliver the training content…

Modern Workplace Training site home page screenshot

To populate the site, I created a series of demo videos and QRGs (Quick Reference Guides) on all the major areas of Windows 10, Office 365, OneDrive, Teams and laptop topics.

In addition, I also created some FAQs (as “news” articles) and as the project came to a close, changed the focus of the site away from project to BAU by adding things like “How to Raise a Help Desk Call” and guides to support the new-look IT Induction (which I also created).

Quick Reference Guide Example: Joining a Microsoft Teams Meeting

These guides are PDFs but are created using Microsoft Publisher from a series of screenshots…


Video Demo Example: Using VPN on an iPhone Hotspot

These videos were designed primarily in Camtasia, (and in this case from a recording on an iPhone as well)

This is just a small extract of some of the work that I have done on this project. If you would like to see more then contact me to get access to my full portfolio.