About Dave Beresford

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I am a freelance eLearning/Instructional Designer and I create training materials for IT and HR projects.

I also deliver presentation skills training courses, coach trainers and presenters with their visual aids.

Although I am an IT Trainer as well, I have found over the years that most organisations don’t have the luxury of training rooms or their staff the time to have too much face-to-face training.

So I specialise in creating e-learning content to help people understand their new IT system.

Cartoon showing a guy asking if the training can be done in 10 minutes

My approach is “Show Not Tell”

Show not Tell symbol

I use visuals where I can and my content formats are set up for this.

You can use this site to learn more about these formats:

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Quick Reference Guides

A single-sheet (2-sided) PDF guide to a single process that features steps depicted by screenshots and hardly any text. Learn more here.

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Produced using Adobe Captivate, they are software simulations that help users to remember a slightly more complicated process than a QRG maybe can. Learn more here.

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Produced using PowerPoint, they are the main tool for training delivery these days. They help trainers to focus on what needs to be taught and provide a view of the system that is free from those parts that aren’t completely functional yet. Learn more here.


I use the ADDIE model

I like to keep things simple. Although there are spin-offs to this nowadays, I think this model still works when you are producing content on a project.

Of course, it stands for Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation…

Diagram of the ADDIE Model for training development

So before I can create anything for your project, I need to understand the needs of your users. I can do this bit for you.

IT Training Delivery

If I’m asked to deliver the training, I’m always up for it. Despite over 30 years of IT Training, I still enjoy it and will be happy to fill the gap if your training team is busy or not confident.

Have a look through my training and development experience below…


Organisations I’ve helped before…

Here is a selection (past and present) of organisations I have worked with:

Logos of clients past and present

I’m a professional learner

I don’t need to have had experience of your system.

It’s good for me to experience what your users are feeling when they use the system for the first time.

So the process of learning your system enables me to create better materials and you’ll find that I can give you meaningful feedback during system development..

Cartoon about about learning a complicated machine

Of course, there are a few exceptions to this. Something that is not bespoke, like for example, Microsoft Office doesn’t fit neatly into this category.

Luckily, I’ve been using software like this for a long time so this is a situation where experience helps your users.

Other stuff I do

In addition to training production, I can also help you with…

Presentation Skills training

Zen presenter

Presenting can be scary.

Preparation is what it’s all about, but this message is not always received or understood. I have spent a number of years running courses for people who struggle with this. 

I can either run courses in your organisation or coach individuals who are struggling. Learn more here.


One open head giving the other some knowledge

This is not just showing your training team how to deliver the solution I create.

It is also about showing your staff how to maintain the training materials so that they keep pace with system change.

I call this Production Skills training. Learn more here.

Drop me a line…

The first meeting is always free, so if you want to talk to me about your project then please see my contact page.