Microsoft Excel – LEVC

Who are they?

London Electric Vehicle Company (formerly London Taxi International) are a Coventry-based manufacturing company responsible for producing the ubiquitous London taxi cab.

They are now focused on the production of the all-electric TX and are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chinese automaker Geely.

The Project (Dec 2017 – Aug 2019)

They had a user base with varied IT needs and had had some previous training in Excel that was not a success, because it was too standard.

They wanted something more bespoke that could satisfy the needs of everyone from office-based staff to those supervising the teams on the shopfloor.


Logically, the first thing to do was run a proper Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and LEVC were also keen for me to conduct TNA interviews as well on individual users.

I created a PDF form with some typical questions and then used this as the basis for my interviews at their desks in each case, so I could see the type of spreadsheets they’d already created.


The form was useful as well, because there were a few users who were unavailable during my TNA visits and this was an easy thing for them to fill in and submit back to me.

From the results of this TNA I was able to create the following half day modular sessions and invite the correct people to each…


Examples – Training Reminder Videos

In addition to the training, it was agreed that I would produce some bespoke video demos to help the course attendees remember the content afterwards. They were based on the exercises we did in the live sessions.

These video demos were built using Adobe Captivate.

Here is a demo video on one of the functions we covered, COUNTBLANK

This video demo is part of my module on “Spreadsheets as Databases“, and shows how to split one column of data into 2 separate columns…

This is just an extract of the work I did for this project, please contact me if you would like to see my full portfolio.