Do you have an IT Project?

…and maybe you want a training solution that doesn’t involve a manual!

Cartoon of daunting training manuals

Training Art will work with your subject matter experts to create bespoke training materials for your IT projects. 

Training Art is Dave Beresford, a freelance training designer from Leicestershire. Find out more about some of the things I can do for you below:

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Before any material is created, it’s important to understand the need. What do your user base require? Training Art can carry out this task and then give you a training solution that you will have confidence in.

Materials Production

Quality materials come from years of experience and the use of good wholesome software, like Adobe Captivate, Creative Cloud and Office 365 to name just a few. The content I create is bespoke but find out more about some of my formats, QRGs, Demos and Simulators.

If you want to see some examples of content I have created before, take a look at my portfolio.

IT Training

Sometimes, an organisation doesn’t have a training team that is available to carry out the delivery. The good news is, I have many years of training delivery under my belt so I can help out if required. Find out more about my training experience here.


After production is complete I often work anyone you have nominated to deliver the training. Sometimes this means carrying out production skills training as well so that your staff are able to maintain the training materials produced.

Presentation Skills Training

Maybe you need some help with presentation delivery? I can provide advice or full courses to help you or your staff deliver quality, compelling presentations. Find out more about my presentation skills solution here.

Visual Aids Production

Got an important presentation coming up but no time or confidence to create the visuals? I can build you a set of slides that will take the pressure off. If it’s PowerPoint you use, I can also show you how they were put together so you can maintain them yourself as well.

Executive 1-1 Training

If you’re a senior manager, it can be hard to ask for IT Training especially if it’s in topics that you feel others in your organisation might view are basic. I have had many years of experience of coaching senior managers to help them improve their IT skills and confidence so why not contact me to discuss how I can help you?

Here are some of my clients past and present…

Some of the clients I have worked for past and present

Have a look at my portfolio if you would like to see some examples of the sort of thing I’ve created for some of the above clients.

If you have an IT Project that you think I could help you out on, you can contact me here and tell me all about it.