“Scraping” data from the Web to Excel

Cartoon with a guy scraping a screen

Sounds revolting, but apparently it’s a jargon term for taking some data from a web page and putting it into an Excel spreadsheet.

In fact, that process is pretty easy.

1. Visit the web page of interest…

Start on a web page that contains some data that you want to import to Excel (maybe for analysis work, for example).

Web page example - wikipedia page

2. Copy the URL

Highlight the web address (Or URL, to use the proper jargon), right-click and choose Copy. (Press CTRL & C if you’re a keyboard bod).

Copying the URL of a web page

3. In Excel, select Data – From Web

Selecting the Excel command Data - From Web

4. Paste the URL

Use either CTRL & V to paste the URL you got earlier or right-click and choose “Paste“…

Pasting a URL to the From Web window

Then click OK.

5. Select the relevant table…

It will show any tables that are detected on that page. You need to click on the one you’re interested in…

Highlight the data table you want to load

Then click the Load button.

6. The table is loaded into Excel…

It shows as a Data Table and so has filters already enabled for to start analysing.

Data Table created from a web page

This short video shows you the full process…

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