5 Unsung Heroes of Outlook

Cartoon showing a guy kissing Outlook

What useful stuff is lurking beneath the surface of Outlook?

It is a brilliant e-mail program, probably the best – and that’s coming from an Apple fan!

But, what useful nuggets lie beneath it’s shiny exterior? Maybe a few of these you don’t know about?

1. Save All Attachments

In all the years I’ve trained people on Outlook, it never ceases to amaze me how this one always slips through.

I see people receiving e-mails with multiple attachments and then watch as they save each one to their PC in turn. It takes ages.

A simpler, and quicker approach is the command FileSave Attachments

Screenshot of File - Save Attachments

Here’s a quick demo for you:

The great thing about this is it saves loads of time. Especially if you have a lot of attachments.

2. Forward to my Manager

It’s one of those common things you do. You get an e-mail that you think you need some advice on or just to let them know about something.

This is one of Outlook’s “Quick Steps” and is a simple one-click action, (once you’ve set it up). In the example below, an e-mail that I want to forward and ask a question on is opened, then I select the “To Gail” Quick Step (I re-named it that when I set it up, since my Manager’s name is Gail)…

Screenshot of To Manager Quick Step

…then the mail you want to forward appears for you to send on…

Screenshot of forwarding a mail

Here’s a demo showing you how to set it up:

3. Forward as Attachment

Sometimes you need to forward an existing e-mail, but you want to “package” up the vast train below to an attachment instead of forcing the recipient to scroll down relentlessly.

This gives you the chance to write a clean new mail and simply refer to the previous e-mail as an attached series of messages. You can use the “Forward as Attachment” button to do this…

Screenshot showing forward as attachment

…then you get the chance to send it to a recipient…

Screenshot of attachment about to be forwarded

4. Team E-mail

If you work in a team of people, it can be very handy to be able to simply mail them as a group. You want this to be a quick action, so there is a “Quick Step” you can set up for this…

Screenshot showing team mail

…which, when clicked, gives you a simple e-mail to your team:

Screenshot showing a team mail

When you click on it for the first time, you just need to set it up:

5. Done

This is a simple organisational thing.

When you get a lot of e-mails that require action on a project or from a certain person, it can be a good thing to keep a record of which ones are “done” and even move them to a folder.

The “Done” Quick Step can help you to put all of this in one simple action.

The idea is, you click on the “Done” button…

Screenshot showing the Done button

and once set up, your selected e-mail is added to a folder and given the completed “tick” so that you know you sorted it…

Screenshot showing the final outcome of "Done"

Setting it up is easy. You click the “Done” button for the first time and choose a folder you want your “Done” items to go in…

Setting up the "Done" Quick Step

…then you click Save:

Screenshot showing "Done" being setup

All hail the unsung heroes of Outlook!

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