Customise your “Swipe Up” in iOS

What happens when you “swipe up” from the bottom of the iPhone?

…you get the Control Centre. Well, you do if you have iOS11 (or later)

Screenshot of first look at iOS 11 on iPhone

A handy feature that gives you quick access to a range of iOS features.

By default, you get access to your music player, airplane mode, turning Wi-Fi on and off, as well as things like “Do Not Disturb” and adjusting screen brightness and volume.

Screenshot showing what is customisable in iOS11 Control Centre

Although these basic icons are not customisable, everything below “Screen Mirroring” is up for grabs. So you can go to Settings – Control Centre – Customise Controls and work from there…

Screenshot of customising Control Centre settings

How do I customise the Control Centre?

This video gives you a 3 minute helping hand on how to customise Control Centre:



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