Creating a Summary Zoom slide in PowerPoint

Sometimes you have presentations with groups of slides in them and now in PowerPoint you can divide your presentation into sections.

This is controlled from a single slide that you can use to “zoom” into a section of slides, play them (in a slideshow) and then return back to the summary slide. Then you can play another section of slides, (returning to the summary again) and so on…

Diagram showing how the Summary Zoom slide order works

How do you create a Summary Zoom slide?

Start at the first slide, then click the command Insert – Zoom – Summary Zoom

Screenshot showing how to Insert a Zoom slide

Now click on each starting slide for a section…

Screenshot showing summary slide clicking

Once you have defined each section, click Insert

Summary is added

You now have a new summary slide that shows a small version of each section starting slide.

When you start a slide show…

Screenshot starting a slide show

…you’ll see the summary slide and be able to select any section to view via this summary slide. 

Here is a Quick Reference Guide that will remind you how to do the above…

Creating a Summary Zoom Slide in PowerPoint


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