What is the Office 365 home page?

Office 365 has a home page?

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It’s sort of crept under the radar, but Office 365 does have a home page. You’ll probably have noticed it when you go into your browser and sign in to the Office.com website. You get this:

Office 365 home page


So what does the home page give you?

At the top of the screen, access to the online version of the Apps in Office 365…

Online apps at the top of the Office home page

Clicking one of these icons will not start the app installed on your computer, but will start the online (internet-based) version…

Word online

When you click on Explore all your apps, you get the chance to find out more (and install) some of the less well known applications that you get with an Office 365 subscription.

all of your Apps in Office 365

Bear in mind that the windows above are typical of a business subscription to Office 365. The personal (or home) subscription usually has less Apps available.

The next section shows the documents that you have opened recently or edited. 

Recently used docs

These are mainly documents that are based in your OneDrive location. You can also use the Upload and open button to add a file from your computer directly to your OneDrive.

The bottom section shows the recent OneDrive folders you’ve saved to, or opened from as well as your recent SharePoint sites that have seen some action…

Office home - bottom section

Here’s a quick video showing all about the above:

So that is the Office.com home page if you look at it from a browser, but what about from your Windows desktop?

You could use the “My Office” app…

When you click on your Start Menu, you may notice the My Office application:

Starting Office from Windows Start menu

This is a Windows application that essentially does the same job as the Office.com homepage…

My Office splash screen

After it starts you get this:

My Office home screen

Which again, gives you your recent documents and quick access to some of your Apps. (Unlike the browser-based version, the Windows app starts the actual applications that are installed on your computer).

It also features some other options, for example, the “My account” page…

My account in My Office

The above example is from a home subscription for Office 365. On this, you can manage the installations of Office you have on your machines and even the ability to share Office with other people.

Programs” shows you all the applications you are entitled to in your Office 365 subscription. If they are installed it will say “Open”, or “Install” if you have yet to add them to your computer…

Programs on My Office

Documents” shows you all your recent file activity, this time not just in OneDrive, but on your actual Windows computer…

Documents window in My Office

Help and training” gives you a chance to find out more about your Office 365 apps…

Help and Training on My Office

So next time you want to use Office, try using the home page (or “My Office)!

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